Unique Blend, Maximum Grip

We use a unique blend and technique, to create the ultimate grip for running contact mats.

Anti-Slip Rubber Backed

Non-Slip, Rough Rubber Finish

A big problem with typical running contacts mats is a smooth finish. Our mats have a rough finish to ensure as much traction for the dogs, especially important for training turns, damp and wet conditions.

Secure With 3 Fast Release Buckles

Never use tape again to secure your running contact mat, its dangerously slippery for the dogs, it doesn't stick if wet and allows movement of the mat

Sits Flush To The Contact

Minimal raised edged with enough thickness for longevity, but think enough not to cause a big raised surface change

Makes Training Running Contacts Easier!

Make training running contacts easier for your dog by giving them the grippiest mat to train on, minimise, if not eliminate the change of slipping with our special formula RC mat.

Great quality and the most important thing is that they are really non slip, best on the market.

Dave Munnings

I started making these mats for my own training, but after using them it was crazy for me no to make them available for other dogs. They make training running contacts much easier and safer.

Martin Reid

The BEST running contact mat by far, I would never use another mat after using this one

Naarah Cuddy